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Student Testimonials

M. Keane, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I have just spent a very intense week at Stonebridge Foot School, and have enjoyed every minute. The workshop had the ‘wow’ factor, it was pristine.

I found Bernard to be an excellent tutor. The atmosphere was made relaxed by his manner, and he answered every question, making sure we all understood before moving on. He was very generous with his knowledge. I now feel much more confident, and would like to thank all the staff at the College, and especially Bernard.”

A. Horner-Glister, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“If you fancy a challenge and are looking for a rewarding new career, then maybe the Foot Health Practitioner course could be for you.

The course is not for the faint hearted. When I chose to do this course, I had my doubts that I would cope with the study side of things - I haven’t studied since having my two children, and wasn’t sure how it would fit in with a busy family life. I needn’t have worried. There are no time pressures for assignments, the course material is clearly written, and tutors/admin staff are on hand to help. I opted for the postal assignments rather than elearn, as my computer is out of the ark and I didn’t trust it - the assignments were all marked and returned with impressive efficiency.

I cannot begin to say how nervous I was before the practical training... but I shouldn’t have been. Bernard, our tutor, was wonderful... and very patient! Everything was explained in a manner that enabled me to take on board and remember what was being said and demonstrated. The facilities were new and felt welcoming - both to us as students and to the public coming in for treatment. Everything was clean, and the instruments and accessories we had to work with were all of a good quality - and we got a free instrument kit (I’ve since bought six more of these)! There was plenty of opportunity for handson experience during my week’s practical, though I think, given the choice, I would have considered the two weeks’ training that is offered to students now. The practical training gave me the opportunity to put all that theory to practice in a safe, supervised environment. On qualifying, I felt able to go forth safely and with confidence, and set up my business.

Setting up was daunting - more expense! I’m not business-minded, so I found this bit scary! There was so much to think about and co-ordinate. I’m grateful for the business studies elements of the course, and my business plan that I was encouraged to write has stood me in good stead.

Six months down the line, I have lots of regular clients - currently ranging in age from 15 to 108! I visit our local Age Concern respite care home on a (very!) regular basis, and to date have treated over eighty different people there. I also visit two other local care homes. I’m proud to say that a lot of my business comes through recommendations. My work is far more interesting and varied than I thought it would be, and I have to say I enjoy my new career and get a lot of job satisfaction from it - it’s amazing what a difference good foot care can make to someone’s quality of life.

Within four months of starting my business, I managed to recoup all of my training, accommodation and set-up costs. More importantly, I’m my own boss, I work while my kids are at school and I still get to be a proper Mum to them.

If I can do it - so can you!”

A. Cooper, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“Just to say that Stonebridge Associated Colleges have been more than helpful in me achieving the status of a F.H.P. Well done to everyone concerned.”

Graduate, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHPHP

“I thoroughly enjoyed my practical training at Stonebridge. Bernard was a fantastic tutor who turned what was initially a very daunting week into a fun and very interesting week. Everything was clear, easily understood and you felt well supported throughout. The other students on the course turned out to be great friends and offered great reassurance during a very intense week. Loved it - thankyou.”

S. Richards, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The course content was informative and well presented. The facilities were ultra-modern, relaxing and clinical, as well as lovely and light. I enjoyed the interaction and made a great friend. It was a real mixed bag of people, which made an interesting week! Bernard Pink (the lecturer) was informative, and made us feel very welcome.”

H. Ware, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I learnt so much from Bernard! The pace of the course was fine and I found it exciting. I had completed the theory and felt that helped with the knowledge. I lived off adrenalin all week and have taken the knowledge gained onto a successful start in my business. The facility was great and very modern, with all up-to-date equipment. I went into class buzzing every day! We were treated as individuals in a small class of six, which was ideal. An absolutely great learning week. I remember so much that was taught and use this knowledge daily. I passed the course in March 2007 and have now started my own business with 145 clients so far. A brilliant week.”

P. Rose, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I found the Foot Health Course very thorough and useful. I enjoyed the practical work and learnt more than I would ever have believed. I would recommend Stonebridge College to anyone. “

S. Balkwill, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I felt I got what I wanted out of the course. It was informative and fitted in well with my part-time work. My week’s training was very encouraging. I went into it quite pessimistic, but the training was of a high standard and the facilities excellent. We all supported eachother. The week’s training really helped me build my confidence. Bernard was a very good teacher. I really enjoyed the course.”

A. Baldock, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The facilities were light and airy, with a positive atmosphere - ideal conditions to learn in. Six people in the class is ideal and was a real benefit. It was one of the best weeks of my life - really!”

J. Phillips, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I started the course as a complete beginner and finished with a qualification, my own business and good career prospects. The classroom was a working clinic with fantastic facilities. With a class of six strangers and a tutor, I loved every minute, and was very tired at the end of the day! We also had a great tutor, who had time for each individual. I recommend this college to anyone that wanted to train in foot health. Great support, you are able to work at your own pace, and it offers great opportunities.”

P. Gordon, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The tuition online was thorough and I was pleased to be able to work at my own pace, which fitted in with work commitments. I had an ‘O’ Level in Biology before I started, so found it comparable to that. I found it interesting and informative, and it made me more confident in talking to patients about their problems. The classroom was well equipped with the latest technology and was very pleasant, putting the students at ease. I had looked on the website before, so knew basically what to expect, but found it a far nicer atmosphere than I imagined.

“The group of students I was with all got on well and we used to meet in the evenings at the hotel for a social chat about the day’s activities. The class was only six people, so we all had one-to-one tutoring when needed, and Bernard Pink made everyone feel confident, having the perfect balance of teaching and humour. Many of us are still in touch.”

F. Chandler, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The content of the course was extremely relevant and taught at a pace that made it easy to absorb information. The course is suitable for a complete beginner. The course provided vital information and I have been on a learning curve since qualifying and practicing as well.

“The classroom and equipment were excellent - very modern and up-to-date equipment. State of the art. The week-long workshop was great, Bernard is a great tutor and encouraged us to ask questions, which were always answered. The other classmates were very friendly, and I have kept in touch with one student in particular. The F.H.P. course has been great. I have learnt so much to enable me to treat patients with skill, confidence and professionalism. I have recently given up my previous job to work almost full-time as a mobile F.H.P.. Thankyou for a great course.”

K. Shepherd, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“Everything has proved relevant. I had done anatomy and physiology during RGN training, so I had a slight advantage, but beginners would cope with the course content. The new, modern facility had up-to-date equipment and plenty of space in the treatment area. The surroundings are also clean and comfortable for clients being treated. The facilities for students, i.e. the kitchen and bathrooms, were also excellent.

“The whole experience was positive. A small class size meant individual attention from the tutor, and lots of opportunity to practice on clients. All students were kept engaged and motivated by the tutor, and there was lots of time for discussion and reinforcing of the subjects studied. I never felt rushed.

“I thoroughly recommend this college. I had a lot of good advice in helping to set up the business in a cost-effective manner. Because of the excellent tuition throughout this course I felt confident when I set up my practice. Thanks to Stonebridge my practice grew very quickly and is still expanding. Many, many thanks.”

L. Martin, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The pace was excellent, allowing plenty of time to learn and understand what we were being taught and shown. It was easy - I got what I wanted out of this course and am completely confident in my job. The facilities were quite professional, but it was a friendly environment at the same time. Excellent facilities. I looked forward to and enjoyed each day. The people were nice, and I think every single one of us got individual treatment when we needed it. The class size was just right. Good course - glad I did it .”

K. Cutler, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The course provides a good foundation to build upon. You could do the course as a complete beginner, but must have an interest in the subject to understand. You can work at your own pace, but once you start, its compelling to to complete it as soon as possible. Lots of study, but certainly worth it.

“The ultra-modern facility is purpose-built to provide an excellent working environment - a clean and professional working area to train. I was very impressed.

“Everyone settled into class really well. I was a little nervous at first, but we all put in one hundred percent. It was interesting to learn everyone’s goals and ambitions for future. We were all treated as individuals, we all supported eachother, and the small class size was good. Bernard was excellent!

“I totally enjoyed every aspect of the course. Hard work, but worth it when you start your new career, and see the difference you make to your life and those you treat.”

M. Keane, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The structure of the course was well planned, which led to the natural progress of the course. I felt the course was very useful and more than sufficient. The class room was ultra-modern, very impressive. The course itself was very intense, although the atmosphere with the tutor and fellow students made it more relaxing. In enjoyed it very much.

“I was very impressed with the facilities, and the support from the tutor and college has been very helpful. I would recommend the course and college to anyone.”

P. Cartlidge, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I feel that you could have started the course at any level. The pace was just right, with steady progress. I thought the facilities were excellent and well thought out. The class size was perfect and everyone got on very well. Classes were interesting and well thought out, with lots of individual attention. I am going to take the plunge and open a clinic. I could not have done this without the course.”

C. Paton, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I thought the course was excellent. It was of a high standard with a lot of human biology content. I did already have some previous knowledge but found the course enjoyable and challenging. The classroom for the practical training was excellent. It was a really modern clinic with an area set aside for theory discussion, lecture etc. It was equipped with very up-to-date equipment.

“The classes were small, approximately six people. Everyone was very friendly and it was a relaxed atmosphere. The tutor was very good at injecting humour to relieve any nervous tension we felt as students. The course was brilliant.”

E. Gamble, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“Everything taught was relevant. Being a complete beginner would have been quite difficult, but the course definitely offered me the chance to progress. The classroom definitely exceeded my expectations. The ultra-modern facilities were very pleasant to learn in and the equipment was excellent. The other people in the class were all very friendly and helpful. We all met up after classes and have kept in touch occasionally by text, phone and email.”

S. Thomson, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“You could be a complete beginner. The pace of this course was as fast or slow as you wanted it to be. The course material was very relevant. The facility was ultra-modern. The materials and equipment were lovely to work with. A nice, friendly environment. I would and have recommended this as an excellent course. Mr B. Pink was also very professional and effective as a trainer.”

L. Cooke, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The course material was very thorough and appropriate to the course. It was good to be able to work at my own speed and not have the pressure of a deadline. I did have an insight into the anatomy and physiology modules from a previous course and maybe would not have progressed as quickly as I did had I been a complete beginner.

“The classroom was clean, modern and totally appropriate for the course. All the equipment was in full working order and provided a professional environment to work in. There were six students on the practical course and this was just the right number for this type of course, as it enabled us to have more individual teaching. The course was intense but very enjoyable, and all the students were supportive of eachother.

“When looking into where to study this course, I decided on Stonebridge as it looked very professional. The deciding factor was that the final practical course only had six students at a time, which gave more individual tuition, and this gave me confidence. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to train as a foot health practitioner.”

M. McIntosh, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I found the course rewarding to learn, although there was quite a lot of theory involved. The facilities were ultra-modern, well-equipped, and comfortable for both students and people attending for footcare. Learning was great fun, although quite nerving - especially the scalpel work!

“I feel the course has prepared me for work in the private mobile sector of foot health, and now feel I am well able to carry out employment in this field with competence.”

A. Cooper, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“There was an excellent attitude displayed by the college towards the students. The resources and facilities do not come any better. As for the atmosphere, nice people could be found in and out of the college! My only regret is that if I had not taken the advice of my eldest son’s girlfriend, and come to you first instead of Swedish Massage, I would have saved a lot of money.”

D. Day, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“I thought the tutor’s presentations were excellent. The pacing was just right, with plenty of time for questions and answers. The practical side of the Foot Health Practitioner Course could not be done without the knowledge of the theory course. The modern facility was very well equipped, and the teaching area very well laid out. The three-bay treatment area was excellent and very highly equipped. Provisions for tea and coffee breaks were also very good. For me the location in Bude could not be surpassed.

“As a group of six I felt we were all offered time by the tutor to meet all our needs very well. We all got on very well in the relaxed atmosphere, and looked forward to each day’s tutoring and practical skills. I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed my practical training in Bude. The facilities, teaching, and location were all excellent. The course gave me confidence and the skills I needed to become a Foot Health Practitioner.”

P. Davies, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The course was perfectly pitched as all the group had the basic anatomy knowledge. The facilities were excellent and are certainly designed to give students the right start. The class size of six made it easy to get to know everybody and also ensured that everybody got enough attention. We are all keeping in touch through email.”

L. Doyle, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The course was very enjoyable and informative. Bernard was a wonderful teacher and all the days were filled with relevant information. He should be congratulated on his presentation. It was the best course I have ever attended - as a nurse, midwife and district nurse I’ve been on a lot of courses. I was very impressed with the classroom and its facilities.”

J. Wiltshire, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The practical training has left me confident to work on people’s feet. The tutor was right, I was certainly worn out at the end of it! I’ve just received all my equipment and have customers enquiring. The facilities were ultra-modern and comfortable.

“Myself and other students are continuing to email each other, and are supporting each other and sharing stories of our progress! Including the correspondence courses and practical training, this has been by far the best thing I’ve done. I will r ecommend this college to anyone.”

Graduate, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The course pace was very manageable whilst still being challenging enough to maintain interest. The course was very thorough and I believe a beginner or someone with background in the subject will finish the course feeling they have made a great accomplishment.

“The classroom was very modern but was comfortable with good facilities.

“The tutor was fantastic, maintaining constant interest from the students and myself. I did meet up with a few of the students and still have contact with them.

“I am so pleased I chose Stonebridge to train me in a new career. The school has been very supportive and patient throughout my studying and I will not hesitate to recommend Stonebridge to friends and relatives.”

D. Pullen, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“All relevant, pace was perfect; content was moderately hard - one needed to know anatomy and physiology to progress quickly. It did offer the chance to progress and I will. The facility was ultramodern. I was impressed with the cleanliness.

“There were six in a group and we all ‘gelled’. It was very upbeat and professional. We had a lot to think about and shared our concerns and joys as a group. I travelled with my husband so didn’t meet up with the others, but we all keep in touch. I had a fabulous week.

“I shall be recommending Stonebridge to others and really like the fact that we can contact Bernard any time with anything we are not sure about. I feel like I have the support of the college behind me.”

C. Emanuel, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The theory and practical aspects of the course were fantastic. The course was easy to follow and digest. Prior to this course I have been in dentistry for eleven years, so I know and am familiar with anatomy and dealing with patients. Bernard made sure we all had one-to-one training each day, and was very approachable, with a remarkable sense of humour!

“The facility was very modern, clean and equipped with the necessary learning tools. The atmosphere and surroundings were superb. I would definitely recommend Stonebridge College to friends and anyone wishing to pursue a career in foot health.

“The whole experience was great. Fellow class mates were friendly and easy to get along with. I was most definitely treated as an individual, and with respect. I met up each evening with classmates to discuss any issues we were unsure about and socialised in Bude.

“I am extremely pleased with my training and am today studying numerous other courses with Stonebridge College. The staff (especially Wayne) are helpful and always have time to answer questions. Susan (the principal) is a lovely lady who is very friendly.”

J. McLoughlin, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

“The practical course was outstanding, Bernard Pink is a superb teacher. What he doesn’t know about feet is not worth knowing! Without a doubt this is the best FHP diploma course there is.

“Excellent facilities, very light and modern. Very small class size, intensive two weeks, very high learning curve, yet it was also really fun and light-hearted.”

K. Hopkins, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

I found it hard going in parts, but a valuable introduction to a great learning curve. The pace suited me completely as a beginner and I felt a good sense of achievement on each completed module. Bernard Pink rounded it all off very well indeed.

I was impressed with the facilities in Cornwall, enabling me to learn all procedures and protocol, together with the practicalities in all areas of foot health, and more importantly, good hygiene.

It started as a very daunting and apprehensive day, but the other students were a great bunch, and although we were there for one purpose, we all worked as a team, had fun and learnt a lot. Bernard treated us as individuals as well as a team. I felt we bonded extremely well and are all going to keep in touch.

It was an incredibly steep learning curve, especially as I turned sixty-one whilst there. Bernard was great fun, and worked us very hard, but as far as I am concerned he gave me confidence to achieve my goal, and I couldn’t have asked or wished for a better tutor. Thank you so much!

P. Brook, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course material was clear and easy to understand. If at any time I struggled with a subject, the support from the college was second to none. The facility had everything that was needed to complete the practical part of the course.

Doing the theory was one thing, but treating a patient was, to say the least, scary! The support from the tutor and other students was fantastic, as we all felt the same way!

We were forewarned at the start of the week that we would feel ‘shattered’ - that was an understatement - but we were all guided and supported in a fantastic way.

Any worries that we had were listened to, discussed and explained. There is a lot to cram into one week, but it was done in a way that no matter how tired we felt, Bernard had our attention. At the end of it all you come away with a confidence boost, and I met a fantastic group of people.

A. Hudson, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

I found the contents of the course very relevant to actual practice. Although I am a registered nurse, I found the course challenging and often thought I would find it ver y hard without previous knowledge. It has definitely given me the chance to progress.

The classroom and all facilities were fantastic and very ultra-modern. I looked forward to the class, it was stimulating. Bernard Pink, the tutor, was excellent, very knowledgable, and treated us as individuals. I thought six in the class was just the right number. We were different ages and from different backgrounds, but mixed well and are keeping touch by e-mail.

Throughout the course I was very impressed by the efficiency and friendliness of all the staff at the college. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

R. Hales, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course was intense and demanding, but very enjoyable and challenging. I felt I was taught in a way that I could undertand easily. It was very informative and interesting for me to use in the future. I felt it was a modern facility for our team of six. It was light and comfortable, and had everything we needed.

The classes were great because they were made so interesting by Bernard. I came out buzzing every day, sometimes with excitement at just what my future would hold after being taught by Bernard for five days!

I had a wonderful week that I will never forget. I learned a great deal in the week I spent at Stonebridge. May thanks for a superb teacher that I will thank for many years to come for changing my future in a great way.

Graduate, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

I would like to thank all involved at the college, as I am well on the way to running a successful business, with over 150 clients on my list. I have recently given up my other job to concentrate on my business, and am finding it very enjoyable and rewarding. I keep up the high standards taught at the college, and a special thanks to Bernard Pink, who has continued to support me via email.

V. Woods-Shepherd, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

It was everything I wanted it to be and more. Mind-blowingly intensive, but made achievable by Bernard’s exceptional teaching ability. As for the facilities, perfect - modern, clean, new, and prestigious. The most wonderful working/learning facilities.

I was nervous on Day One - I came out buzzing every day. I was treated as an individual but we worked as a team. My colleagues were supportive and pleasant, and we were all exuberant by Day Five. I didn’t meet up with them afterward as I had my mum and son with me in Bude.

I just can’t begin to express my gratitude enough. Now all I have to do is put my new skills to work.

D. Howes, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

Bernard Pink proved an excellent tutor. I felt confident with him right from the word ‘go’. he has the ability to explain complex issues in a way that can be easily understood. The whole course was easy to follow and gave me the confidence to progress with a complex new subject.

It was an ultra-modern facility, clinically clean - an excellent environment to work and study in.

The class of May 2008 was eight students from varying backgrounds in caring professions (nurses/carers), and were all like-minded in their desire to offer a good service. We worked well as a team and supported eachother individually, being proud of eachother’s achievements and encouraging confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course and know that it will be the perfect addition to my busy massage/ aromatherapy practice. I am delighted to have had Bernard as the practical tutor, as he inspired me in the correct way to be a good foot health practitioner.

O. Stevens, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

Very relevant - the pace was fast, and Bernard had it under control at all times. It was necessary to have the theory completed before the practical. I felt Bernard was thorough and informative, and still able to maintain a sense of humour. The set-up was very good, however, on very hot days, maybe fans are needed!

I looked forward to class - I came out tired but satisfied. Learning was a joy, probably down to Bernard’s technique. We were all treated as individuals, and the other students were very interactive. We were eight in all. I did not meet up with the others after class as I was staying in Hartland with friends.

Nothing more to add, I had a good time, and if I need a refresher course, I hope you may think about this, and I would probably attend.

M. Trueman, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course was brilliant! I do feel I gained a huge amount of knowledge and acquired a new skill. I feel some knowledge of the subject was essential and it was pitched at a level that was east to understand. Of course the choice of tutor was an excellent choice. He made it clear and in plain English. The classroom was clean, modern and comfortable, which facilitated a relaxed learning atmosphere.

I looked forward to each day - it was a joy. We were all treated as individuals. There were five other members in the class, making six in total, an ideal number. We socialised after lectures.

I am so glad to have been a part of this course. I cannot praise the college or the tutor highly enough. I would recommend this course to anyone.

R. Ashwin, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

I was encouraged by the feedback. I have some anatomy and physiology knowledge from previous years, so the content was familiar but still interesting to read and learn. That I had the ability to speak with Susan Richardson if required was great to know. The resources and facilities were a big improvement from my memory of school classrooms! Comfortable, light, clean and modern.

The whole team at Stonebridge were approachable and helpful, and Bernard, our tutor, was fabulous - clear, patient and got the message across. My fellow students all connected and enjoyed the course. We have all stayed in touch.

Stonebridge exceeded my expectations. Every aspect from the website through to the practical training was professional, accessible and a pleasure.

A. Morris, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

All the work taught was thoroughly relevant and constructed well. Students would benefit if they come from an environment dealing with people, but Bernard guided us all through with care and diligence. I have come away understanding the basics and techniques. The facilities were excellent - spacious, airy and easy to work in - it felt comfortable and right.

‘Going back to school’ was definitely fun and exciting, and tiring all in one! Our group of nine (including Bernard) gelled really well - plenty of discussion, support, guidance, laughter and interaction. Everyone was fabulous and I shall be emailing my new-found friends.

Many, many thanks to all staff at the college for a well-constructed course and their constant support, and a special thankyou to Bernard for sharing his wealth of experience, knowledge and stories!

G. Lishman, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course was excellent. I was quite worried before I came as to how we could possibly learn all we needed to know in one week, but all was possible with Bernard’s patience and hard work! The facilities were fantastic - I would like to have picked them up and brought them back to Yorkshire - the perfect clinic.

The class of seven people all got on really well. Five of us stayed at the same place, and we all met up and had dinner together. I could not have wished for a nicer group of people.

I think my comments say it all. My experience at Stonebridge was wonderful - I met some lovely people, both students and clients, and I look forward to starting my business as a ‘foot health practitioner’. The whole experience was extremely positive.

M. Devery, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course was well-laid out and the tutor feedback was most appreciated. Not being of a medical background, I had reservations about how much one could possibly learn in one week, but Bernard Pink brought the whole course together and instilled knowledge and confidence, all in an ultra-modern facility that was bright and welcoming.

As the numbers of students were small, we were afforded lots of individual attention at all times. As the week progressed I became more eager to work on patients.

The people in the college office, especially James, were so helpful at all times, no matter how many queries I had! Bernard Pink is an inspiration - he makes you feel there is nothing you can’t achieve. A truly brilliant teacher.

T. Richardson, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

Bernard was a great teacher and a good person with it. I never felt under pressure to do the job fast or within a time scale. It was a lovely group and a great week. The facilities were very modern and comfortable - everything was well thought out and planned well.

Classes of six were just right, although there were seven in ours this was not a problem. We learnt from eachother and helped eachother. We were staying in the same bed and breakfast, so we met every night. I would definitely recommend this course. I was very nervous before attending, but after the first day was relaxed. Nice people and a nice place.

J. Zebedeh, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

Topics covered were very relevant and the pace was just right, although I was a beginner regarding the clinical parts, which I was apprehensive about. It was taught in a relaxed but professional way. Excellent facilities and classroom, and the clinic was bright, roomy and airy.

I did look forward to going to class and enjoyed the learning. Other students were very friendly and we all met up on Thursday evening. The class size was just right. I was treated as an individual.

Bernard was very good and created a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, but was there to correct and teach the correct way on the clinical side of things.

D. Pearson, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course was relevant to my aims. I was able to study at a satisfactory pace. It helped to have some knowledge before starting the course. The course is a good foundation for further learning. The classroom was very up to date, bright and had all the necessary equipment.

I looked forward to the classes, the other students were very friendly. There were eight students in all, and we often met up after class. I felt the tutor was excellent. His knowledge and teaching practice were of the highest standard.

J. Davidson, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The teaching materials have been excellent, informative and concise. I did have a clinical background, so found the materials and course quite easy to follow, however, I felt it was a great revision of anatomy and physiology since my nurse training, twenty years ago. My new qualification has opened up new opportunities, and I am really looking forward to setting up my own business. Also, I have been very pleased with the speed of marking of assessments, and the quality of the workbooks.

The Foot Health School was excellent. Facilities were impeccable and small enough to provide the individual tuition needed to work safely. It was contemporary, light and comfortable both for students and patients alike.

The course was intense and the days were long and busy. However, the group was fantastic and provided support to each other. Bernard made the whole learning experience friendly and informal and taught the course in a way that all could understand and relate to. The students in our group have kept in touch by email since the course.

As a nurse, I have completed many courses, but I have enjoyed none of them as much as the Foot Health Practitioner course. I would definitely recommend Stonebridge and would like to thank all concerned in the delivery of this course.

M. Codd, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

I felt the pace of the course was just right. Pre-course theory provided a good grounding to build on and the teaching was of the highest standard, enabling students to gain knowledge, skills and confidence. The facilities consisted of a comfortable, modern classroom, with excellent resources and equipment.

There was excellent rapport between students. We got to know each other very well and all plan to keep in touch to offer mutual support and advice. We have exchanged email addresses.

I found the course to be of the highest standard. Achieving a great deal of putting theory into practice in such a short time may benefit us!

D. Buckley, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The material was well presented and understandable - knowledge of basic anatomy helped, but was no requirement. I certainly got what I was looking for and a good lead-in to the practical.

It was a modern facility and well laid out. The professional and excellent tutoring by Bernard Pink was much appreciated. Worth his weight in gold to the college.

The atmosphere was buzzing - we all were, particularly after working with real patients. We had a really good group - everyone helped everyone. A class of eight worked well.

I will be taking other courses with the college in the future. My daughter has already enrolled for your Aromatherapy course.

P. Galluri, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

Bernard was stimulating, inspirational and very, very patient. An extremely professional and knowledgeable tutor. The facilities were lovely, very professional. It was a great group and I enjoyed being a part of it. There were only six of us, so there was lots of practical experience.

All in all, a superb course, one to be recommended. Stonebridge make you feel special, and Bernard is the best!

J. Armstrong, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course was excellent and easy to follow, which made it more interesting. The tutor Bernard is excellent at what he does. I throughly enjoyed everything. The place was very modern, and comfortable. The facilities were very good. The other people on the course were very friendly and we all got on great as a team. I have also made a very good friend from Canada.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone that is interested. I have really enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting started in my new career.

J. Callaway, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course was excellent throughout. I did the theory through the post, and the assignments always came back very quickly. Lovely surroundings to learn in - it was very modern and the equipment was excellent. Going to college each day was something to look forward to. Individual needs were taken into account.

Bernard was lovely, very helpful and gave good advice about what was needed for starting up, as well as what would save us money!

A. Pursey, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The whole course was very relevant. At times it was hard but Bernard was fantastic at explaining things through. I got everything I needed to go away happy and confident with myself. It was an ultra-modern facility. What I liked was that it made you feel very comfortable and not intimidated at all.

I loved going to class every day and was so sad when Friday arrived. We were all treated as individuals and I loved every minute of the teaching and practical work. I met some fantastic friends, and have also made one very good friend. Bernard is brilliant!

All I can say is that this is one of the best things I have ever done, and I feel so proud of myself to have achieved what I did, with the huge help of Bernard!

E. Cornelissen, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The information was relevant and much more! Nursing experience did help me. It was very neat and clean, and served its purpose. It was modern enough to give a professional impression.

I was excited enough to attend classes, all were a joy. We were treated as individuals and as part of a team. It was a small, very contented group of people, and we all met for dinner.

I am proud to be a student of Stonebridge, who helped me to be qualified in a career-changing course. Thanks for helping to make a dream become reality. The tutor, Bernard Pink, was excellent. Maybe a very nice new sign outside will promote more awareness of a fantasic course.

L. Hinsley, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

The course met my requirements perfectly. The pace was set exactly right. Some assignments were more challenging than others, but the assignment texts were so clear and well set out that all it required was time and space to methodically work through it. Although it was not necessary to have prior knowledge, I found it an added bonus that I had experience in the healthcare profession. However, even with no previous experience, because of the design of the course, I firmly believe that anyone with an interest in the subject would succeed. The classroom was a fantastic workspace, clean, light, airy and modern. It was a delight to work in.

The group worked really well together, and supported and encouraged eachother. This made the days enjoyable, and being together in a learning environment, I found this very stimulating, and this fired me up for progressing.

The class size, eight, was perfect. Sharing accommodation was also a real asset. Three of us shared a house, so when we walked into college each day, and home in the evening, we could discuss the day, and then at home, as the course progressed, we developed an affinity with eachother, and this was especially good as we were away from our families.

I was so impressed when I arrived on the first morning - the classroom atmosphere was so high in energy. Bernard Pink was a fantastic tutor, I learnt so much, and was inspired. He is an asset to the Stonebridge Foothealth School, and I am certain that we will succeed having had the benefit of his tuition and supervision.

J. Love, SAC Dip. (Foot Health Practitioner) MRFHP

I enjoyed the depth of content in the course, which gave me extra confidence and a holistic approach to feet. It covered so much biology and medical aspects, plus the the bonus of business modules. A very thorough approach. I feel inspired to find out more about foot injury and sport injuries to compliment this course.

The classroom was extremely modern, welcoming, very well presented and equipped, with easy access. Very nice workspace with all equipment needed. Really stylish too, with an air of comfort for student and client. Clean and healthy, as a practise should be.

It was easy to be enthusiastic with such a great bunch of fellow students, plus the intriguing Mr. B. Pink. A small, intimate class made it very easy to ask questions, have one-to-one and see all demonstrations. I liked the atmosphere as it gave me confidence to relax, and time flew by with a hugely enjoyable learning curve.

Excellent student accomodation. A great way to hold further discussion after class. It really benefitted so much from a small class. Mr. Pink is a very brilliant, friendly and effective tutor. The location is a credit to the college.

FHP podcast


Take your Foot Health Practitioner Clinical training in Bude, Cornwall and the Accommodation is FREE - Saving up to £125!
Where do you want to take your practical?

Stonebridge Associated Colleges Foot Health Faculty Birmingham:
Ciba Building | 146 Hagley Road | Edgbaston | B16 9NX


Coming soon

Stonebridge Associated Colleges Foot Health Faculty Bude:
Stonebridge House | Ocean View Road | Bude | EX23 8ST

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Stonebridge Colleges are the ONLY course provider to offer FREE student accommodation.

At Stonebridge Colleges we realise that the cost of training to become a Foot Health Practitioner can be high, with the costs of training, equipment, travel and accommodation to consider.

We are pleased to offer all of our students, studying at the Bude campus, FREE accommodation in one of our self-catering residential properties. Please note this applies to the Bude venue only.

The Properties

Both properties are newly renovated with either a private garden area or a balcony overlooking the beach. They are located on quiet roads and only a few minutes walk from the town centre and both are no more than 5-10 minutes away from the College’s foot health campus in Bude.

There is plenty of parking (including offroad parking) in and around the properties so students can choose to drive to the college where there is also ample parking outside.

Just a 5 minute walk to the town’s popular beaches, and easy walking distance to the many amenities, our accommodation is the perfect place for those students who may be travelling down alone, or with friends andfamily as they can keep themselves easily occupied while students are in classes.

The Town

Bude’s surrounding landscapes are diverse and stunning in every aspect. There are miles of golden, sandy , beaches. The compact and bijou town centre, with so many different things on offer and the locally owned shops and restaurants, combine with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere - all of these contribute to Bude being so special. For more information on the wide range of activities available in Bude , please go to: www.visitbude.info

Rooms available

We have a wide range of different types of rooms available ranging from single, shared or family occupancy with en-suite or shared facilities.

Property One

Bedroom 1 - 2 single beds
Bedroom 2 - 2 single beds
Bedroom 3 - 2 single beds
Bedroom 4 - Double room
Bedroom 5 - Double room (en-suite)
Bedroom 6 - Double room

Kitchen, Dining room, 4 x showers, 3 Baths, 5 x toilets, Lounge, Garden, Laundry room & off road parking.

Property TWO

Bedroom 1 - Double room (en-suite)
Bedroom 2 - Double room
Bedroom 3 - Double room
Bedroom 4 - 1 bunk bed (sleeps 2)

Kitchen/Diner, 3 x showers, 1 Baths, 3 x toilets, Lounge, Balcony & off road parking.

Please note: If you are attending with your family, rooms 3 and 4 in Property one can be sealed off to form a family apartment comprising: 2 bunk beds, I double room, 2 toilets, 1 bath and 1 shower. If you are interested, please contact the college to discuss this.


Students will be allocated accommodation for the duration of their stay. If you are booked onto the 5 day practical training course then your accommodation will be for 12 nights, Students can arrive at the property from any time after 3pm on the Sunday rior to the training week commencing and must vacate their property by no later than 10am on the final Friday of their training week.

If a student wishes to bring a friend or family member to stay in the same room, an additional charge will be applied. For guests aged 16 and over the charge will be an additional £100 per week and for guests aged 15 and under the charge will be an additional £75 per week. This represents a significant saving over the cost of booking accommodation through an ordinary B&B. The same charge structure will apply for those guests (who are not students) who wish to have their own bedroom. However preference for bedrooms will be given to students who are studying at the college. Students are advised to contact the college to discuss their accommodation needs as soon as possible.

• Free accommodation is only available to fully paid up students studying either our 5-day or 11-day practical training course a tour Bude venue (family and friends may also use the accommodation subject to paying the appropriate additional charge).
•• The average price of a bed and breakfast room in Bude is £25 per person per night.
••• There is no cash alternative available for this offer.

Foot Health Practitioner